Brunch Package


The Brunch Package is ideal to enjoy while getting ready for an event, birthdays, picnics, baby showers, hens parties and more! 

The Brunch Package includes:

- Mini Banana Bread (10 pieces) served with Chantilly Cream

- Mini Scones (10 pieces) with Chantilly Cream + Boathouse Raspberry Jam

- Fruit Skewers (20 pieces) 

- Heirloom Tomato Family Quiche 

- Sausage Rolls (20 pieces) served with Boathouse Tomato Jam 

- Ribbon Sandwiches (10 pieces)

- Mini Croissants (10 pieces)

The Brunch Bundle serves 10. 

The Brunch Package only will be provided in The Boathouse catering boxes, or for an additional fee, items can be provided on Boathouse ceramic platters that you can keep! 

Catering items are designed to be almost ready to serve. For preparation instructions, please see here. Catering instructions will also be included with your order.