Breakfast + Brunch Package


The Breakfast + Brunch Package is ideal for meetings, photoshoots, picnics, breakfast events in your home, getting ready on your wedding day + any occasion! 

The Breakfast + Brunch Package includes:

- Smoked Salmon Croissants (NF)

- Mini Ham + Cheese Croissants (NF)

- Coconut Tapioca Pots (VG, DF, GF, NF)

- Mixed Mini Pastries (VE)

- Fruit Skewers (VG, DF, GF, NF)

Serves 12. 

VG - Vegan,  V - Vegetarian,  NF - Nut Free,  DF - Dairy Free, GF - Dairy Free

The Boathouse catering is designed to be almost ready to serve. For preparation instructions, please see here.