Meal Boxes


Single serve, served cold. Choose from one main + one side.

Choice of main:

  • Eye Fillet  (NF, DF, GF)
  • Roast Chicken  (NF, DF, GF)
  • Hot Smoked Salmon  (NF, DF, GF)
  • Peeled Prawns  (NF, DF, GF)
  • Glazed Eggplant  (VG, V, NF, DF, GF)

Choice of side:

  • Grain Salad (VG, V, NF, DF, GF)
  • Butternut Pumpkin (VG, NF, DF, GF)
  • Potato Salad (V, NF, GF)
  • Boathouse Salad  (VG, V, NF, DF, GF)

VG - Vegan,  V - Vegetarian,  NF - Nut Free,  DF - Dairy Free, GF - Gluten Free

The Boathouse meals are designed to be almost ready to serve. Instructions will be included with your meal for items requiring preparation.